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Ethiopia: ministry to employ 80 percent of university graduates

Betelhem Bedlu

Ethiopia’s Ministry of Education stated that it has been working to attain the vision of securing employment for 80 percent of university graduates by 2020.

The Ministry’s Higher Education Inspection Director, Samuel Dessalegn, told said  the strategic plan was set to help the graduate obtain relevant jobs within 12 months of graduation.

 “We give due emphasis to not only provide new graduates access to jobs, but also to ensure that it would be relevant to their field of study within 12 months after graduation,” said Dessalegn.

Inadequate English proficiency and limited exposure about future carriers have been identified by the Ministry as the major challenges facing new graduates. To this end, a strategy was put in place that takes these major hindrances into consideration.

Dessalegn said carrier service centers that offer training for graduate students on different jobs, work discipline, market, salary rate and other related issues were established in all universities.

Currently the centers are providing service in 23 universities.

 Dessalgen added that preparation has also been finalised to install carrier path prototype in 79 programs while the trainings are incorporated into the system.

It is a viable move in acquainting them with the desired knowledge, and exposure about future carriers, he added.

The Director also pointed out that the manual for English Language Improvement Program is prepared for students to improve their English language proficiency and enhance their competitiveness to secure jobs.

Students continuous assessment, opening language improvement centers, improving university-industry linkages, Career Services and Sensitizing Career Path are also part of the strategic plan that aim at building graduate’s capacity for future jobs, Dessalgen said.


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