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Tanzania: Udom students display high notch novelties

Christina Mseja

University of Dodoma (Udom) students have created a computer system to monitor progress of pre-mature babies in incubators and another for automatically counting people entering and exiting busy buildings.

The other innovation by the country’s largest university is the computerised system for detecting toxic gases in homes and at working places.

In an interview at the 13th Exhibitions on Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, the hopeful scientists showcased their inventions to people who visited the fair in Dar es Salaam.

A third-year student pursuing Bachelor of Science in Physics, Prosper Mshama, explained that the Premature Babies Incubator Computer System will enable health practitioners to monitor the progress of the premature babies even if the nurses are out of ward.

“Health practitioners have been facing a great challenge in taking care of premature babies in health facilities… this system will enable them to monitor the progress and conditions of the babies in incubators without physically being there,” he explained.

Mshama said there are many advantages of the computerised system, including timely notification when the baby is having a problem because it will immediately alert the nurses and doctors. The innovator was optimistic that the system will significantly improve handling of pre-mature babies and reduce deaths.

“The system will also make record and identify all premature babies in respective wards. It is our call to other stakeholders to support young people to make more innovations,” he urged. Another Udom student Pius Mwikola pursuing Bachelor of Science in Physics explained that they have created the Auto Digital Count Display System, which is capable of digitally counting people entering and exiting congested areas.

“This system will enable users to avoid physical counting in areas with many people,” the upcoming scientist said. Adding: “We are proud to design this system since we believe it will improve safety of people in buildings… it will ably store data that will give the exact number of people in the meeting or building in case of any emergency.”

The student mentioned another invention as phone detector Jammi device, which will be used in schools, universities and banks to monitor movements of people. “The device will be placed in classrooms to monitor students using phones particularly when writing examinations,” he said.

He explained that in case a student is using the phone, it will automatically send alert and if the phone will be in airplane mode it will automatically block it. Another student studying Bachelor of Physics John Massawe talked of his invention of Toxic Gas Project device capable of detecting harmful gasses in the environment.

“This device will play an important role in curbing air pollution which is mainly responsible for climate change,” he explained. He added; “The system will be capable of recording and alerting people in the householdsand factories in case there is toxic gas in the area.”

The student said they decided to create the system to support the country’s industrialisation drive, which will result into many factories emitting harmful gases to the environment. “It will therefore enable the government to understand the factories producing toxic gases and take precautionary measures,” he explained.

Apart from curbing air pollution, Massawe said they have come up with the project to help reduce cancer and lung diseases, which result from harmful gases.

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