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Wits University adds gender-neutral ‘Mx’ title to its list of options

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In an effort to make the institution a safer and welcoming space, Wits University has now given students the added option of using the gender-neutral title “Mx” alongside more traditional titles.

In an email to the university community, Wits registrar Carol Crosley said the senior executive team agreed to add the designation as an option after a proposal to the registrar’s office.

“This decision affirms those who are transgender, non-binary or gender non-conforming within the university community, who wish to hold a title that affirms their identity,” the statement said.

“The university recognises that it is invalidating and distressing for a person who, for an example, was born female but identifies as male to be constantly addressed by a non-affirming title in university correspondence and systems.”

The move has been seen as an attempt by the university to become more inclusive.

“Wits reaffirms its commitment to human rights and freedom and opposes all public and private discrimination on the basis of gender identity and gender expression and all attendant benefits, rights, and privileges.

“We celebrate the valued and unique contributions made by members of our transgender community, as well as those who continue to work towards keeping our university a safe, welcoming and affirming space for all members of the LGBTIAQ+ community.”

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