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TuksGolf has plan to keep youngsters playing

Staff Reporter

One of the biggest concerns in South African sport is when talented youngsters simply fade away without ever fulfilling their real potential.

It’s something that concerns everyone involved with TuksGolf. That’s why they developed what must looks to be one of the most unique programmes for junior golfers.

Operational Coordinator Kevin Wylie said the programme was based on long-term development. He said a lot of research was done before deciding how the programme should be implemented.

“The main emphasis is aimed at long-term athlete development. It means we’re not only focused on getting youngsters to play golf but also fully developing the required motor patterns,” said Wylie.

He added that one of the most important things to realise is that during the development of children there are certain “window periods” where it’s essential to focus exclusively on one specific aspect of training.

“For example speed, strength and coordination training etc, with the primary goal being lifelong participation with reduced injury risks,” he said.

TuksGolf is structured in such a way that the programme starts to work with golfers as young as five or six. They continue to guide and service them throughout their entire schooling career as well as their tertiary studies.

“We’re able to help golfers achieve the 10 000 hours of training principle, which is generally considered to be the benchmark to sporting success,” he said.

He added: “This is achieved through our junior programme, our links with the TuksSport High School, the golfing programmes of some of Pretoria’s top high schools as well as the University of Pretoria’s golf programmes.”

But TuksGolf also offers so much more. There is a perception that TuksGolf is exclusive to university students and this isn’t the case. The programme is open to the public of Wylie urges members of the public to come and make use of the facility.

Wylie proudly calls TuksGolf the one-stop shop for anyone who is passionate about golf.

“If golf is your game, we can and want to help you. From the seasoned campaigner or weekend warrior to a novice wanting to take up golf for the first time. It’s guaranteed that we’re able to assist,” said Wylie.

Even if you’re just looking to hit a couple of balls after a stressful day at work, you’re more than welcome to come to the TuksGolf driving range. We aim to contribute people’s lives through our passion for golf.’

Anyone who is interested in getting in touch with TuksGolf is welcome to contact Kevin Wylie on 082-4945743.

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