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Five sporting activities to keep you busy on holiday

Staff Reporter

A lot of people enjoy travelling but find that exploring or laying on the beach is just not enough to keep them busy for the duration of their holiday.

Participating in a sporting activity not only keeps one busy during their holiday but it also stimulates one’s body with the physical activity that occurs.

Plus – playing in group sports activities allows all on holiday to make friends and have fun as a collective. Here are five popular sports that one can participate in while on holiday.


Soccer is a popular physical activity. Picture: Pinterest

Soccer is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports that people participate in while on holiday.

The sport can be played on almost any type of terrain, and include a number of players from family members to complete strangers – it doesn’t usually matter, as long as you have 11 players on either side and a ball at hand, the game shall play.


A surfer riding the waves. Picture: Supplied

Surfing is also quite a popular sport to participate in, with the only major requirements needed are a surfboard and a body of waves.

Surfing is also a family sport, meaning the whole family can make it a group activity, even for those that don’t consider themselves as professionals.

For those that are still beginners, a lot of beaches and beachside hotels offer surfing lessons to those who are interested, and if you’re lucky, you can perform cool tricks on the surfboard.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing can be done indoor or outdoor. Picture: Supplied

Quite a sport of endurance and tactics – rock climbing is a sport for those who don’t desire to sweat too much while on holiday, but still, want to keep themselves busy with challenges.

There are a lot of indoor and outdoor centres around the country that offer rock climbing sessions and lessons for those who are still new to the activity.


Hiking with friends is a cool idea. Picture: Supplied

Where can you not hike? Hiking is a popular activity like soccer or volleyball that can occur wherever the trail leads.

Although not considered a sport, hiking is still quite a physical activity which involves hikers following a trail to a checkpoint atop a hill, and getting a chance to bask in the beautiful scenery that Mother Nature has to offer.

A lot of hotels and resorts will have trails from their buildings that can be done by foot or horseback – but going by foot brings more of a challenge and twice the fun.


Volleyball is a fun, team sport. Picture: Supplied

Volleyball is such a versatile sport: you just need a long net that’s stretched wide and a ball. Plus, it can be played on the grass, or in the sand and is a great team sport.

A lot of resorts and beachside hotels offer Volleyball as an activity not just for children but also for adults.

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