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5 things in Mboweni’s #Budget2019 which will directly affect our pockets

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Finance Minister Tito Mboweni delivered his maiden Budget Speech on Wednesday in Parliament.

He concentrated on consolidated government expenditure, peace and security, economic development and health, among other pressing topics.
These are some of the highlights which will affect South African citizens directly:
Learning and Culture 
A total of R1.1 trillion is set to go to Learning and culture. Basic education has been allocated R250 billion, University transfers have been allocated R37 billion, and R33 billion has been allotted  for the National Student Financial Aid Scheme. Skills development levy institutions will receive R21.7 billion from government , while R17.6 billion will go towards  education administration. Technical, vocational education and training have been allocated R12.7 billion.
Peace and Security
Peace and Security has been allocated a grand total of R211 billion. Police services is set to receive R104.2 billion and Defence and state security have been allocated R50 billion. Law courts and prisons will get R48 billion while Home Affairs has been allocated R8.4 billion.
District health services are set to get R98.2 billion, R43.1 billion will be allocated to central hospital services and provincial hospital services are set to receive R36.7 billion. A total of R8.8 billion has been set aside for facilities management and maintenance. Other health services have been allocated R35.6 billion.
Community development 
Community Development has been allocated a total of R208.5 billion, with R69 billion going to municipal equitable share, R56.4 billion going to Human settlements, water and electrification programmes, R43.6 billion allocated to public transport and other human settlements and municipal infrastructure  has been allocated R39.6 billion.
Social development
A total of R278.4 billion has been set aside for social development. R77 billion has been allocated for old age grants, social security funds have received R71.3 billion and R65 billion has been allocated for c hild-support grants. A total of R33.2 billion has been set aside for other grants.  Provincial social development has been allocated R22.3 billion and p olicy oversight and grant administration has had a total of R9.6 billion set aside.
Economic development
Economic development has been allocated R209.2 billion as economic regulation and infrastructure has been allocated less than half of this amount at R101.3 billion. Government will allocate R37.5 billion for industrialisation and exports. Approximately R30.7 billion has been set aside for  a griculture and rural development. A total of R23.2 billion has allocated for job creation and labour affairs. An amount of R16.5 billion has been budgeted for i nnovation, science and technology.

The #Budget2019

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