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Irate Parents Shut Down 3 ‘Unsafe’ Schools In Limpopo

Riyaz Patel

Angry parents in Limpopo have shut down a dilapidated school in GaRatjeke village in Bolobedu.

The parents are accusing the education department of failing to respond to their demands to build a new school and move their children from the unsafe conditions at Ratjeke Primary School.

Residents also shut down Maekgwe Primary and Rama Secondary schools in the area.

They say their complaints dates back to 2003.

Local chief Thomas Selowa said the cracked and dilapidated Ratjeke Primary School was built by the community from mud bricks in 1977.

“We can’t keep repairing two blocks on our own. The roof is leaking and walls are cracked, there is no clean water in the school.

“We wrote to the department several times. We told them that we have found a site where the school should be build,” Selowa said.

Chief Selowa said parents have resolved to continue with the school shut down until the government commits in writing that a new school would be constructed.

Speaking at a gathering where parents met with officials from Limpopo department of education, Robert Kapa said they had closed the school because it was just a matter of time before it kill learners, The Sowetan reported.

“The department wanted to bring mobile classes and we rejected them because we know they will never build a school,” Kapa said.

The education department’s head of infrastructure, Rapule Matsane, said the department will provide feedback next week.

School governing body member Mavis Seshoka said they were tired of being told lies.

“For many years I have been attending endless meetings with various stakeholders and it’s promise after promise,” Seshoka said.

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