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Innovative Mirrored Classroom Highlights Scale Of Massive Global Education Crisis

Riyaz Patel

A non-profit organisation (NPO) dedicated to exposing the severity of the global education crisis, has presented a compact mirrored installation to delegates at UN General Assembly to drive home that around 260 million children are missing from classrooms around the world every day.

The Infinity Classroom‘ exhibition by THE NPO, Theirworld, is a mirrored room filled with what appears to be an infinite number of empty school desks – representing the millions of children out of school. 

The mirrored station is the centerpiece of the organisation’s #WriteTheWrong campaign, aimed at building awareness and mobilizing the political will as well as financial support needed to give every child a chance to realise their potential.  

LISTEN: 260 million children are missing from classrooms around the world

Founder and Chair of the NGO, Sarah Brown, said: “The world has the largest number of refugees and displaced people since the Second World War, half of whom are children.”

“We owe them what we want for our kids – a safe place to learn. That’s why we’re calling on all countries and international institutions to make education a priority.”

More than a thousand visitors have passed through the Infinity Classroom during the high-level proceedings this week, according to the NGO, including heads of government, senior officials, activists and celebrities.

On Wednesday, donors and foundations announced more than $200 million for the global fund, Education Cannot Wait, to make school possible for millions of children caught up in conflicts, disasters and displacement crises. 

In addition, guarantees of $500 million and grants of $100 million for the International Finance Facility for Education (IFFEd), another education funding resource, will allow an additional $2 billion to be mobilised to get children into school in the so-called “missing middle” – countries which lie between the developing world and rich nations. 

“This is the largest amount unlocked for education in a single day because IFFEd multiplies donor resources and unleashes new funding streams,” said Theirworld President Justin van Fleet. 

“If nothing changes, by 2030, more than half of the world’s 1.6 billion children won’t have basic skills to get an entry-level job or participate in society,” van Fleet added.

“We are at a crossroads and we must act. It is within our reach to end the global education crisis.”  

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