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DBE Says ‘Misleading Reports’ On Sexuality Section Of Curriculum Creating Panic Among Parents

The Department of Basic Education (DBE) says its noted with concern the continued “misrepresentation of facts” regarding some of the content in the sexuality section’ of Life Orientation subject.

The Department said it has on a number of occasions clarified the matter, and went further to provide details of what is contained in the ‘sexuality section’ of the curriculum.

“The core aim of the CSE is to ensure that we help learners build an understanding of concepts, content, values and attitudes related to sexuality, sexual behavior change as well as leading safe and healthy lives,” said Elijah Mhlanga, Head of Communications at the DBE.

“In seeking to find a comprehensive and all-encompassing curriculum that seeks to address real world challenges and issues faced by learners in their day-to-day lives, the Department has through various consultation platforms allowed for the evolution of the content within both the Learner and Teacher Guides.”

The Department added its approach is informed by comprehensive research, Mhlanga added.

He said the 2016 rigorous scientific review of International Technical Guidelines on Sexuality Education found that:

– CSE does not sexualise children
– Sexuality education does not increase sexual activity, sexual risk-
taking behaviour or STI/HIV infection rates. On the contrary, CSE
delays sexual debut and promotes safe sexual behavior;
– Increases knowledge of different aspects of sexuality and the
risks of early and unintended pregnancy, HIV and other STIs;
– Decreases the number of sexual partners;
– Reduces sexual risk taking;
– Increases use of condoms and other forms of contraception.

The Department consulted extensively on CSE, and remains open to further consultation and engagement on this matter. Curriculum development is an ongoing process and inputs are always welcome, said the DBE

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