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Do Not Neglect Research & Innovation When Talking Investments, Cautions DIRCO Minister Pandor At #SAIC19

Riyaz Patel

It’s time for Africa to become serious about investing more in research, development and innovation, International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) Minister Naledi Pandor has said.

Speaking during the Science and Technology Showcase at the 2019 South Africa Investment Conference, she said Africa is not realising the potential and opportunity that science and innovation hold for its development.


“It is from this continent that we must develop the response to HIV/Aids and new drugs against tuberculosis.

“It is also on this continent that we are building the largest radio telescope in the world, so we should wake up to the opportunities of science and innovation,” the DIRCO minister said.

Pandor, South Africa’s former Science and Technology Minister, spoke of Africa’s “massive innovation capacity,” pointing to with young people who are using the power of technology to transform lives.

Many of the world’s fastest growing economies are in Africa, noted Pandor, adding that “living standards on the continent are improving and we have a young and eager population demanding new products and demanding technology.”

“Wherever we are, if we talk business, could we [also] talk research development and innovation, and not neglect it as an area of opportunity on the African continent,” Pandor said.

Hydrogen South Africa (HySA) Infrastructure director Dr Dimitri Bessarabov told delegates attending the showcase that many countries were seeking ways to decarbonize their energy supply and that hydrogen was one way of achieving that goal.

This would also hold benefits for South Africa, he noted.

“Hydrogen currently grows at a rate of about 10%, which presents a very good investment opportunity. The industry [generates revenues of] $100-billion a year and it can make South Africa a superpower for energy exports,” he said in his presentation.

Bessarabov also noted hydrogen’s versatility as an energy carrier and commodity chemical, which could also enable the integration of different sectors of industry.

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