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KZN Education Department Urges Parents To Explain Dangers Of TikTok’s “Skullbreaker” Challenge At Schools

THE KwaZulu-Natal Parents Association is urging parents and caregivers to explain to their children the dangers of a new social media craze that has caught the attention of South African teenagers.

The ‘Skull-Breaker’ or ‘Tripping Jump’ challenge has gone viral after initially emerging on video-sharing social networking app TikTok. 

It involves three participants – with one of them being kicked by the other two as they jump up. The jumper plummets to the ground after being kicked.

The association’s Vee Gani says the challenge could lead to severe injuries.

“The thing is somebody can die. There is a possibility that people could have passed away. It is very irresponsible. No child should attempt to do anything of that sort.”

“As you have seen in the videos, you can hit your head very hard on the concrete floor, and it can cause irreparable damage, if not death – and you would be then charged with murder because that’s exactly what it is.”

Gani says he fears that the challenge has now crept into local schools. 

“Having come into our schools means that our children are going to try to perform those acts and unsuspectingly on their colleagues who don’t know about it.” 

KZN Education spokesperson, Muzi Mahlambi has issued a warning to pupils not to follow the trend.

The department is also appealing to parents and caregivers to discourage their children from participating in the challenge. 


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