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Louise Fullard Our Teacher of the week from Mpumalanga

Classroom Corner

Our Teacher of the Week

 School Teacher: Louise Fullard

Hoerskool Bergflam, Mpumalanga Province

Louise Fullard always had an inner desire and calling to be a teacher.

Since she started her teaching career 25 years ago, she has been driven to think out of the box.

She is determined to make her mark in education sector and to leave a positive legacy.

“I am a futurist and a visionary. I have confidence in my ability when I approach a challenge, to see the resolution, identify the steps to address it and anticipate the successful outcome and result,” she says.  

She says the current challenges faced in education, is that many people do not fully comprehend the impact and effect that Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) has on our society, education and future.

“Everything is changing and we are not going back,” says Fullard.

 “Therefore, we need to adopt technology in teaching to prepare our learners for life.”

She says, however, that data and software is a challenge.

She utilises technology herself and knows where she is going.

 She has the gift to positively change the perceptions of others and when she hits a stumbling block and finds a way around by partnering stakeholders.

During the NTA coaching session, the district director described her as a national agent of change, especially in the perceptions about digital education and Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).

She promotes collaboration on all levels with regards to her subject and utilises cloud technology to store and share all her teaching and learning materials.

“This is on the public domain where my learners and educators across the country have access to it”.

Another example is when she initiated and organised a 4IR Indaba at Bergvlam Hoerskool and invited various stakeholders, educators, and student executive members, teachers, educational experts, sponsors, leaders and inspirational speakers.

“As a national winner of this category, I am definitely encouraged to pursue my (4IR) dream for education in our country. I will use this platform to reach out to more schools in my district, to assist and equip them in areas of technological need”.

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