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#FeeMustFall activist Mcebo Dlamini found guilty of public violence

Fees Must Fall activist Mcebo Dlamini has been found guilty of public violence and sentenced to two years and six months with a suspended sentence of five years.

Over the last four years, Dlamini has been facing a drawn-out court battle in the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court, facing a range of charges in connection with the violent Fees Must Fall protests which began in 2015.

The Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court sentenced Dlamini to two years, wholly suspended for five years, for public violence.

He was also given six months’ imprisonment, again wholly suspended for five years, for unlawfully staying in the country.

Dlamini took to Facebook to announce the end of the legal battle.

“As a law-abiding citizen, I accept the ruling. I am tired of fighting,” he said.

“Today marked the end of my legal career. Court found me guilty of public violence, thus [sentencing] me to 2 years 6 months… Suspended sentence of 5 years. I will take time to reflect on my future moving forward including my political career. I thank you.”

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