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Meet Refilwe Dlulwayo, one of SA’s top-performing teachers

TEACHER: Refilwe Dlulwayo

SCHOOL: Thubelihle Primary School, Mpumalanga

During her school days, Refilwe Dlulwayo, a teacher at Thubelihle Primary School in Mpumalanga, assisted fellow classmates with mathematical concepts and problems.

She also assisted younger children from her community and that propelled her passion of making a difference in their lives.

She hopes that some day her tutorials will be offered globally.

“Knowing that I will be inspiring my learners to become future leaders, artists or well-rounded individuals with love for learning drove me into this career,” says Dlulwayo.

Teachers interact with different learners who are inquisitive and eager to learn new things, she says.

She gets the opportunity to inspire her learners not only academically but on a personal level.

Dlulwayo believes discipline is one of the key pillars to achieving success.

She also involves the school management team, disciplinary committee and parents to foster collaboration and co-operation among all stakeholders involved.

She stood out and became a provincial winner because she incorporates real life experiences with the curriculum.

She ensures that her learners benefit educationally while playing at the same time.

“Having come this far means that I am a valuable teacher in the education sector and I will continue to develop learners holistically and contribute to community building and shaping of the next generation.”

She plans to be more involved in community outreach programs that will benefit learners and the community as a whole.

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