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Teacher Of The Week: Limpopo school teacher Tshililo Rambau


Teacher of the Week

Teacher: Tshililo Rambau

School: Muungadi Primary School, Limpopo

Tshililo Rambau, a teacher at Muungadi Primary School at Zamenkomste in Limpopo, received the provincial Excellence Natural Science and Technology teaching award during a ceremony at The Ranch Hotel near Polokwane in January.

He received a certificate, a trophy, a laptop, and a DVD and data projector.

Rambau started teaching in 2007.

The well-known Limpopo school teacher wanted to be part of the noble profession with the hope of one day being counted among those in whom future teachers find inspiration.

Rambau likes to groom children to become responsible adults who will do positive things in their respective communities.

Rambau points out that the behaviour patterns of the learners, bullying, disengaged parents, changing standards, low pay, lots of paper work and management work are some of the challenges he is grappling with.

To counter this, he involves the community and this has assisted a lot.

He plans to have meetings and workshops with teachers and inspire them so that they can participate in the National Teachers Awards (NTA) as it forms part of professional development.

Rambau thanked the Department of Basic Education for initiating the competition, including his principal, SGB and his colleagues for being supportive.

(Compiled by Inside Education staff)

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