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Our teacher of the week is Pearl Langa from Dalpark Secondary School in Brakpan, Gauteng


Teacher of the Week

Teacher: Pearl Langa

School: Dalpark Secondary School, Brakpan, GAUTENG

School teacher Pearl Nonhlanhla Langa’s English lessons are integrated with digital content, videos, music, online quizzes, which help her learners to keep abreast with real life scenarios.

Since her formative years, Langa always had a passion to impart knowledge to young minds.

Dealing with the adolescent learners who also come from communities that lack support and adult mentorship makes her enjoy being a teacher.

She enjoys sharing knowledge with them and seeing them succeed academically regardless of their socio-economic status.

As an English teacher, she enjoys literature, especially poetry, plays and novels. She admits that in her school, there is high substance abuse related issues.

Learners adopt certain cultures and practices in their communities and bring these to the schooling community. The school has set specific measures to curb the use of drugs within the school premises.

While teaching, she always ensures that learners participate in classroom activities and further encourage them to participate in the extra-curricular activities at school.

Having high confidence levels and visible passion enabled her to become the provincial winner. As a way of confronting the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), Langa ensures that all the learners attain the necessary skills.

She believes that teaching does not end in the classroom and there are endless possibilities within the educational sector nationally and internationally.

Having taught abroad, she confirms that learners are the same, teachers just have to prepare and acquaint themselves with what goes on in the world.

She indicated that there are things that teachers can do in order to remain prepared, that will include taking a short course about classroom management, partaking in community service, reading books, watching the news; entering into competitions and teaching workers after normal school hours.

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