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Our Teach of the Week is Leo Jonathan Raynor from Collegiate Girls High School in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape


Teacher of the Week

Teacher: Leo Jonathan Raynor

School: Collegiate Girls High School in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape

 Eastern Cape school teacher Leo Jonathan Raynor was impressed by the excellent teachers he had when growing up and decided to follow their example.

His goal was to mould the minds of the youth, and let them realise that they were important and that they could make a difference.

He added that their voices need to be heard and not squashed.

Being a teacher allows him to encourage learners to have the confidence to use their voice in a productive and constructive way.

He says teaching has become a profession that is not just one of sharing of information but rather one of mentorship and guidance along with the necessary imparting of important life skills and information.

He enjoys conversations in the classroom which are around topics of current interest, historical significance and just the general concerns of young people.

This means that each and every day is filled with thought-provoking questions and intense conversation.

Being involved in extra-mural activities and tours allows him a unique opportunity to get to know learners in a more authentic environment and build bridges that extend beyond the classroom.

He feels that one of his strengths is his keeping up-to-date with technological advancements that can be used to share information with learners.

He also strives to maintain positive relationships with every learner that he teaches.

Raynor states that he has thoroughly enjoyed the NTA journey and learnt a lot through the process.

He adds that he will cherish the experience for many years.

He plans to continue to deliver excellence in the field of teaching and to mould the minds of the future. 

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