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Teacher of the Week: Julia Hlahle from Moriting Primary School in Tembisa, Gauteng


Teacher of the Week

Teacher: Noni Julia Hlahle

School: Moriting Primary School in Tembisa, Gauteng

Noni Julia Hlahle found her calling as a school teacher from an early age because she took leadership roles during her Sunday school days.

Hlahle also formed a Youth Club, an initiative that prompted people to believe that she had qualities of being a teacher and a leader.

“I started seeing myself as a teacher from a young age and since then the love of teaching developed in me,” she says.

From there she just wanted to see herself being a qualified teacher.

Her passion and love for teaching and interacting with learners, teachers and community members contributed in making her a provincial winner.

She will always pride herself for participating in the nation-al level and this means that she is making a difference as an educator, leader and follower of the South African schooling system.

“I have actualised my dream and become the best, excellent leader in primary school,” she says.

Her main challenge is facing learners with learning disabilities, parents who do not get involved in the children’s education, inadequate infrastructure, lack of libraries, not fully equipped computer laboratories, lack of sports-fields and under-resourced school halls.

Despite the existence of all the challenges, she is prepared to confront those challenges by assisting learners with disabilities and by also creating good relationships with the parents. She also provides extra classes for those learners and ensure that School-Based Support Team (SBST) gives all the support needed to both the educators and the learners.

She also confronts those challenges by inviting parents to the school. She gives them schedules of meetings where on dire circumstances she visits the learner’s families with the assistance of the School Governing Body (SGB).

In addressing the computer laboratory she has partnered with Clicks Foundation, and they have donated 50 computers to the school. She has a very good rapport with all stakeholders by treating everyone with respect and dignity.

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