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Award-Winning Teacher Of the Week is Charmain Kruger from Laerskool Magalieskruin in Pretoria, Gauteng


Teacher of the Week

Teacher: Charmaine Kruger

School: Laerskool Magalieskruin in Pretoria, Gauteng Province

The Laerskool Magalieskruin school teacher Charmain Kruger’s teaching career dates back from an early age when she used to teach her teddy bears and dolls.

While busy with her studies, her focus of impacting in the young lives changed.

“I knew that if I love what I do, I don’t have to work a day in my life,” she says.

She enjoys the versatility of her job because there are so many platforms to impact on young lives.

She indicated that the major challenges in teaching today is to ensure that not one child is left out whilst teaching.

Again, teachers fill many social roles because of the absence of parents in most of the families.

As teachers we have to play roles towards our learners which includes being parents, nurses, judges, and psychologist and sometimes as marriage councillors.

The fact that she is making a difference in the young lives keeps her going despite all the other challenges she faces across her teaching career. 

“I know that I have much to give and many lives to impact,” said Kruger. 

She is more than prepared to do her best with the time which is still left in her career.

She believes that there is no bigger re-ward than positive feedback from learners and parents.

Becoming a provincial winner has proven that giving your all to the learners will always reward you positively.

“I do have a special talent which will make my province proud.”

The sup-port from her school, district and province made it possible. 

“Through hard work and persistence, it paid off.”

As a national participant, she has a responsibility to give back by mentoring, reaching out to colleagues and ensure that best practices are shared.

“There is no sense in getting rewarded and keeping the knowledge to yourself.” 

As a way of advocating the NTAs she will start advising other teachers to believe in what they know, be humble, to gather evidence and take hands with the district co-ordinators and participate in the NTAs.

She concluded with the words of former president Nelson Mandela: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

(Compiled by Inside Education staff)

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