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Don’t Sacrifice 2020 ‘Schools Sports’ Games, Official Tells Kenyan Government


Kenya Secondary Schools Sports Association (KSSSA) has put all options on the table to ensure co-curricular activities are held, including the East Africa secondary school games planned for December.

At the same time, Uganda Secondary Schools Sports Association Secretary Christopher Mugisha has said the country will change its qualification system to ensure the federation uses the shortest time possible to conclude the games which were disrupted by coronavirus.

KSSSA has asked Ministry of Education to ensure all sports events in the 2020 calendar are fulfilled when normalcy returns.

KSSSA chairman Peter Orero said all sports events in the calendar should be fulfilled when schools re-open to ensure all categories of learners are catered for.


“We should not remove some events from our education calendar when normalcy returns because all over the world, talent is the biggest industries. It must be well taken care of,” Orero said in a terse message to the Ministry of Education not to exclude co-curricular activities from the school calendar when normalcy resumes.

Orero said KSSSA has consulted other members of Federation of East Africa Secondary Schools Sports Association (FEASSSA) and they were all in agreement that all options must be considered to ensure co-curricular activities are held even if it means using the shortest time possible.

“Sports is a big industry and one of the biggest income generating industries in Kenya. We adjust our schedules and play however short the time available is,” Orero said.

Orero, who is also the principal of Dagorreti High School in Nairobi County, said that KSSSA was happy that the government was fighting to control the spread of coronavirus. He expressed hope that secondary school games shall continue from where they were stopped when schools reopen.

“Most of the people driving Kenya’s economy are not leading academicians but people who do things in other sectors and co-curricular activities is one of them. Kenyan athletes, among them Eliud Kipchoge, David Rudisha, Victor Wanyama and Paul Bitok, pass through co-curricular activities in our schools system, and this gives them a good foundation,” Orero, who is also the treasurer of Kenya Basketball Federation, said.

He asked all students to follow health directives from the Ministry of Health so as to keep safe and to contain the spread of coronavirus so that they can return to school all fit.

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