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School Teacher of the Week is Genevieve Classen, a Life Sciences Coach at Rustenburg Fields College, North West


Teacher of the Week: Genevieve Classen 

School: Rustenburg Fields College, North West

School teacher Genevieve Classen has always been a believer in the power of motivation and believes that “teaching is definitely my calling.”

Her passion for the subjects she teaches enables her to teach learners through dance, videos, models, technology and keep them focused using brain gym activities.

Whether it is on the sports field or in the classroom, she loves teaching real life skills and developing future leaders and world changers.

Teenage pregnancy, substance abuse and the fact that English is not spoken in the homes of many learners are just some of the challenges she faces. 

“I have an open-door policy and keep communication channels open in a way that I have one-on-one meetings with learners to discuss challenges, arrange counselling and support”. 

She also encourages subject related reading in class and provide interesting links for self-research.

She is a hardworking, dedicated teacher who uses out-of-the box strategies to engage her learners and spark an interest in Life Sciences.

She would like to specialize in mentoring educators and run her own school, but more importantly, never stop striving to make a difference in the community and the world around her.

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