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Gauteng’s Top Science Teacher Moreki Mosuane Adds Cool To Learning And Teaching


Teacher of the Week: Moreki Ancell Mosuane

School: Lufhereng Secondary School, Doornkop, Gauteng Province

Moreki Ancell Mosuane, a Natural Sciences school teacher, did not intend to become a teacher but had a change of heart in 2011 when he received funding from the Department of Basic Education.

“It was during my first year of training when I discovered that I had a hidden passion for teaching,” said Mosuane, who won the excellence in teaching natural sciences award at Gauteng’s National Teachers Awards in October.

That took him back to the days where he used to take a role of a teacher when the educator was not in class.

He enjoys teaching the subject because it sparks curiosity and the content always changes due to new discoveries and inventions.

“I cannot wait to see some of the learners graduating and pursuing their careers even as Natural Science specialists.”

Being in a rural area and working in an extremely poor community where the majority of learners are faced with harsh socio-economic circumstances is one of the barriers at its own.

Therefore as a teacher he plays multiple roles while teaching in class.

“I am not only a teacher but a part time counsellor, guardian and a parent.”

With the high number of learners at his school, he is always prepared to adapt and treat all the learners according to their needs.

“It is therefore important to be an empathetic listener so that learners can communicate freely and it makes them to learn with ease.”

He believes that all teachers are sufficiently trained and are experts in their respective subjects.

However teachers are subjected and assigned from the different working conditions and circumstances.

“I had problems and challenges but with the suitable strategies and solutions to solve them and create a positive, conducive learning and teaching environment.”

Complementing his participation in the NTAs, Mosuane believes that it is always good to see your hard work being recognised and acknowledged.

This will encouraged him to work even harder and inspire others to join the teaching sector.

He plans to be an ambassador of the NTA and encourage other teachers to participate in the program.

“I have seen the impact it does on teachers’ ethics and the standards of our profession.”

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