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Our Teacher Of The Week Is Noel Venter From The Northern Cape


Teacher of the Week

Teacher: Noël Venter

School: Andalusia Primary School, Jankempdorp, Northern Cape

SCHOOL teacher Noël Venter from Andalusia Primary School in the North­ern Cape chose teaching as a career to help learners who are subjected to social issues such as drug abuse, alcoholism and violence at home.

He wanted to create a safe haven for them at school and during his 31 years of teaching has assisted many learners to overcome their challenges.

He enjoys the time he spends in class teaching and the inter­action with them during coaching sessions.

He is also passion­ate about staff development.

His school, which is in a rural town, is challenged by poverty, crime, drug and alcohol abuse and severe sexual behaviour.

He has managed to get the community and other stakeholders involved.

Venter’s vast experience has led him to represent the dis­trict and province in several forums and has presented papers at provincial and international conferences.

His plans for the future entail developing his school as a cen­tre of excellence.

(Compiled by Inside Education staff)

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