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Western Cape Education Department Condemns Use Of Indemnity Forms At Provincial Schools


THE WESTERN Cape Education Department has condemned the use of indemnity forms by some schools across the province before admitting learners in their premises.

Some parents have alerted the provincial education department that their children have been given indemnity forms that required to be signed and handed in before returning back to school.

“A number of parents have reported to us that they have been asked by schools to sign an indemnity form before their child is allowed to return to class. The WCED does not support the use of such forms, and indemnity forms do not remove legal responsibility from the Department,” said Schafer in a statement.

“Parents DO NOT have to sign such forms, and their children may not be refused entry to school if they do not sign. Any parent that has been asked to sign such a form should contact their district office immediately.”

Schäfer said her department does not support such forms, adding that indemnity forms do not remove legal responsibility from the department.

Schools in the Western Cape have been open for two weeks now and Schafer has thanked parents, staff and learners for cooperating.

(Compiled by Inside Education staff)

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