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Mpumalanga’s Mercia Mthombeni Is Our Teacher Of The Week


Teacher of the Week

Teacher: Mercia Mthombeni

School: Bunny Khosa Secondary School, Mpumalanga

Mercia Mthombeni’s has always wanted to make a difference in her community by encouraging the children to prioritise studying as a way of combating poverty.

It is her main aim to eradicate the belief that teaching is for the previous generations.

She wants to change that perspective by showing the learners that it is an admirable career.

Her passion for teaching is stimulated by the fact that she interacts with learners, colleagues and the community with the aim of ensuring there is excellence in her school.  

“Teaching and instilling knowledge to the learners by helping learners to understand and being able to relate the content to everyday fulfils me,” said Mthombeni.  

Lack of resources and facing learners who are not inspired by learning is one of the challenges she faces especially being based in a rural area with a high rate of poverty.

As a way of confronting this challenge she uses her data to access the Internet as a way of assisting the learners with more knowledge.

“I use myself as an example to motivate the learners to become better people. As a way of making teaching fun I try in all of my lessons to bring science to real life with the use of my cell phone at times,” said Mthombeni.  

She goes an extra mile of using less resource that are at hand to bring change in the lives of the learners.

Being real and doing extraordinary work at school is one of her pillars for teaching.

Winning the national level of the NTA has proved that her work is recognised and the love she has for learners is recognised and appreciated.

“My plans for the future is to continue bringing change and to motivate the learners and colleagues as well.”

(Compiled by Inside Education staff)

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