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Sports Fanatic Morné Kymdell Is Our Teacher Of The Week


Teacher of the Week

Teacher: Morné Kymdell

School: Die Afrikaanse Hoërskool, Kroonstad, Free State

Sports fanatic Morné Kymdell, from Die Afrikaanse Hoërskool in Kroonstad in the Free State chose teaching because he has always loved sharing knowledge and experiences.

To Kymdell, the main challenge is effective managing of time and the holistic development of the learner.

As a teacher, he plays different roles such as cricket coach, rugby coach and hostel father.

Kymdell sees education as an opportunity to grow and his teaching is characterised by innovation and creativity.

He plans to make a difference on a higher level.

The National Teachers Award (NTA) has given him the opportunity to show people of different backgrounds that the country is united and this attitude needs to be shared with the learners.

(Compiled by Inside Education staff)

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