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Innovative, Future-focused Educator Landeka Diamond from Western Cape Is Our Teacher Of The Week


Teacher of the Week

Teacher: Landeka Diamond

School: Westlake Primary School, Westlake, Western Cape

SCHOOL teacher, Landeka Diamond, from Westlake Primary School, Western Cape, has presented papers at international conferences and intends to continue serving and impacting education one learner at a time despite the contextual hindrances.

Diamond, winner of the 2019 National Teaching Award for Excellence in Primary School Leadership, is the eighth generation of teachers in her family.

She chose teaching to contribute to the economic upliftment of the area where she was raised.

She is motivated by her passion to make a difference in the lives of learners and this resonates with her philosophy of lifelong learning.

She succeeds in her work because she has strong collaboration and communication skills which enable her to work with community leaders and different stakeholders.

Resources at the no-fee school she teaches are scarce and this has encouraged her to embark on aggressive marketing of the school to seek and find partnerships that assist in solutions to the challenges they face.

Diamond has managed to unify a school with learners who speak 15 different home languages from all over Africa.

The school ensures that learners are developed holistically and has introduced partnerships that assist the learners to be globally orientated.

She also models the expected behaviour, creates opportunities for growth within the school and nationally provides platforms for development of education managers in her capacity as the EMASA National Deputy President.

Diamond has a Master’s Degree in Education Administration, Planning and Social Policy and develops education managers in her capacity as deputy chairperson of the Education Management Association of South Africa.

She is currently also involved in other organisations, such as Spirit of Africa, the American Embassy and the British Council, to assist with the hosting of international audiences from all over the world so that there can be engagement on matters of educational interest, whilst providing insight on the South African education system.

Diamond leads by example and is an innovative and future-focused leader and manager who is a worthy nominee for this coveted award.

(Compiled by Inside Education staff)

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