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Gauteng Online Learner Placement Period For Grade 1 And 8 To Start On October 1


GAUTENG Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi has informed parents that the Online 2021 Admissions Placement Period for Grade 1 and 8 will commence on Thursday, 1 October.

The process is scheduled to end on Monday, 30 November 2020.

The online admissions period for Grade 1 and 8 applications commenced on 25 June and will end 30 November.

A total of 157 770 applications were made for 70 073 – Grade 1 (34 121) and Grade 8 (35 952) – individual learners when applications opened on June 25 2020.

“Parents were given an opportunity to apply to five schools, which means they may get more than one offer depending on availability, however, when the second offer is accepted, the first offer will no longer be available,” said Lesufi.

He added that the online application admissions will end on 30 November, after a total of 566 591 applications were registered in the Admission Application System by 25 July 2020.

“Of these, 255 735 (Grade 1: 122 425 and Grade 8: 133 310) represents individual learners (or unique applicants). These unique applicants must be placed in 2034 schools that offer Grade 1 and Grade 8 as entry grades,” said Lesufi.

He also pointed out that overall pressure with regards to available spaces remains a big challenge in the province.

Lesufi said the total provincial capacity for both Grade 1 and 8 is 373 634, compared to a total of 409 770 applications qualifying for placement

“The same pressure is evident when comparing the 2021 unique applications based on per individual learner, which is 255 735; to only 211 634 available spaces,” said Lesufi.

He also said it should be noted that the total number of Unique Applications compared to available spaces differ per grade, area, district and region.

“We urge parents to remain calm if offers of placement are not received immediately after the commencement of the Placement Period, as all learners will be placed,” said Lesufi. 


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