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Chaos Erupt At Brackenfell High School During EFF Protest Against Racism


THE Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has given Brackenfell High School seven days to remove teachers and the school governing body members who organized the ‘whites only’ matric dance that excluded black learners.

This follows a violent protest at Brackenfell High School in Cape Town after members of the EFF took to the streets to voice their outrage against the ‘private’ matric dance.

“We are giving the school 7 days to remove the teachers and SGB members who organized the matric dance or else this school will become the permanent residence of the EFF,” said EFF’s Secretary General, Marshal Dlamini.

Addressing the media, Dlamini said the party will not tolerate racism in South Africa.

“If they thought we brought flowers, they are wrong. We are not going to negotiate peace with racists,” said Dlamini.

Police fired stun grenades, teargas and water cannons at protestors on Friday after EFF members failed to comply with the number of people allowed to protest.

“We are not going to be told when to leave this place, we will decide when its time,” said Dlamini.

Initially, only 100 people were allowed to protest outside the school under strict conditions, but the EFF then negotiated for 500.

However, the party still failed to comply, when more than 500 members took part in the protest, which led to heavy police presence.

“We are not going anywhere; we are looking for those people who say this is their town. The EFF doesn’t tolerate racism, we came here peacefully, but racists decided to attack fighters saying they were protecting the school, there is no difference between those ones here and the ones in Senekal,” added Dlamini.

“Fighters we know our enemies. Racists are our enemies. Fighters, if the enemy fights you, fight back. When they give us fire, we give them fire. We are not the children of Nelson Mandela.”


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