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North West To Build R68 Million State-Of-The-Art School in Ikageng, Tlokwe, To Deal With ‘Overcrowding’ Challenges


THE North West Department of Education has announced the erection of a new state-of-the-art school in Ikageng township in Tlokwe valued at R68 million.

According to the department, the new school is expected to constitute 10 blocks of classrooms, a library, computer room and a multipurpose centre.

The Department of Education MEC Mmaphefo Matsemela said that government is providing an infrastructure which is “beyond sanitation”.

“We aware of the overcrowding problem normally experienced in this area of Tlokwe. As a department this came to our attention and now we are responding to the demand by building a new school. The schools that we currently building are infrastructure beyond sanitation. Our aim is to make our communities proud and give them back their dignity,” said Matsemela.

“The schools that we are building, are having sporting fields, curriculum activities are the enablers of the curriculum. An active mind is very important because it allows the mind to accept the lesson with ease. Education remains a societal matter, we depend on our communities in ensuring that they own schools and protect them.”

Matsemela said the persistent challenge of overcrowding always experienced at the beginning of the year in schools within the Tlokwe area will soon belong to the past.

She said the department is fast-tracking the building of new schools across the province in order to deal with the problem of overcrowding in different areas.

With the massive migration of communities to cities pressure for schooling is always visible. The demand for schooling is always growing and the department headed to the call of the communities.

The Acting Mayor for the JB Marks Local Municipality, Councillor Kevin Johnson expressed that communities should ‘jealously guard’ their schools.

“We are duty bound to emplore our community to jealously guard the successful completion of this project and relentlessly defend it against any and all attempts to disrupt or subvert our investment in the future of our children”, said Johnson.


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