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Sunday, December 5, 2021

22-year-old Sekedi Mabatha Makes History As University of Limpopo’s First Female Chairperson

SEKEDI Mabatha was inaugurated during a recent virtual ceremony by the office of the Vice-Chancellor and Principal, Professor Mahlo Mokgalong.

The historic milestone came after the scheduled 2020/21 SRC elections could not take place, leading into a vigorous process of consultations and nominations by students and student structures for membership to the TSRC.

Born in Mohlaletse, the 22-year-old agricultural management student was more than ecstatic to hear of her election. “It’s such an honour and it’s very overwhelming to have been chosen, but I’m eager to learn leadership skills which will enhance my capabilities as chairperson.

“My responsibilities on campus will be the strong bridge between management and the students, meaning that we will be taking students grievances to management and helping find a solution,” Sekedi said.

Sekedi explains that as an TSRC member, she is considered to be a statutory structure as provided for in the Higher Education Act. She offers a variety of services to individual students and different student groups and, in offering these services, she exercises political, economic and administrative authority in order to manage the activities of student life.

As such, the TSRC is the highest decision-making structure of student governance within their campus. She tells BONUS that the new TSRC is ready to overcome any challenges and work to the best of their abilities to ensure that students’ needs are met and says they are mindful of the depth of the challenges that confront them.

“The road ahead will be difficult and hard, but we will have to use our courage, wisdom and resolve to attain the dreams we have for the UL’s student community,” she said.

She advised her peers that good working relations and respect with colleagues will do their dreams justice. “Have passion to work for people and assist them,” she said.

She adds that their priority involves transforming the institution to adapt to the new normal and advance the development of online learning, while ensuring that students remain protected from the virus through the supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) and equipping laboratories for smooth practical sessions.

“I am very grateful to be the first female leader in 61 years of the institution’s existence. It shows that times are changing, and that the oppression of women is gradually becoming a thing of the past,” she said.


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