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DA Calls On KwaZulu Natal Education Department To Release A List Of Suspended Educators Accused Of Wrongdoing

THE Democratic Alliance in KwaZulu Natal says it has submitted parliamentary questions to the provincial education MEC Kwazi Mshengu, calling for the number of educators currently suspended in the province and the reasons for this. 

This comes after the department of education in KZN finalized 12 current appeals processes relating to disciplinary cases involving educators and other staff employees in the province. 

“The misdemeanours have been described as serious and include sexual abuse or harassment of learners or co-workers, corporal punishment/assault of learners and assault/attempted assault of co-workers and other education stakeholders,” said DA’s provincial spokesperson on education, Dr Imran Keeka. 

The department found that 11 of 12 of the educators and staff were guilty of serious misconduct.  

The official opposition party said it was happy with the findings but reiterated that the staff educators must not receive a mere slap on the wrist. 

“There are, however, far too many matters that are allowed to drag on endlessly. In some instances, the perpetrators of serious offences continue to work in the same environment as the victims. This understandably causes significant anxiety and emotional turmoil,” added Keeka. 

The DA said it would continue to monitor the environment within provincial schools and it is waiting to get a response from the MEC of Education. 

“We expect the MEC to respond to these questions without delay and to provide absolute clarity in the interests of all stakeholders,” said Keeka.

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