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EFF Calls For Removal Of Gauteng MEC For Education Panyaza Lesufi Over ‘Conspiracy To Conduct Tender Corruption’ Claims

THE EFF is calling for the removal of Gauteng MEC for Education, Panyaza Lesufi, for the ‘damning reports of his conspiracy to conduct tender corruption for the benefit of his allies’.

On Sunday, the City Press reported that Lesufi was recorded in a meeting on February 3 in Soshanguve, north of Pretoria, during which his department tenders were discussed with members of the community and school governing bodies.

“We therefore call for the immediate removal of Panyaza Lesufi as an MEC for brazenly plotting patronage and the robbery of the Basic Education Sector in Gauteng in a time of global economic crisis. Lesufi’s nefarious scheme of self-enrichment is a sabotage of education and the future of children, and is tantamount to treason,” said the EFF in a statement.  

“In a meeting with his collective in Tshwane, it is reported that Lesufi suggested that all tender related matters must be discussed with him, so as to allow for his people to be supposedly empowered at the expense of service delivery.

“The criminality of Lesufi is even further exposed, when he suggests in the meeting in which he is recorded that there may be traitors within his plot to loot, who will report him to police authorities for awarding tenders without following the appropriate bidding process.””

According to the City Press, Lesufi told the meeting that, as an MEC for Education, he had to ensure that people were satisfied at all costs.

“As comrades, I’m telling that, if I have to assist you to make business with the department, school governing bodies are the ones who deal with schools’ businesses. I am pleading with you, comrades, to convene meetings of area SGBs so that when they advertise for people to bid, they should advertise in this Whatsapp group, because if I interfere in that area, I will be accused of involving myself in their business. Some SGBs ask for quotations from their uncles and relatives. I am telling you that you should know and be involved,” said Lesufi.

Lesufi has denied the allegations.

“I am fully aware that there are forces at play who want to assassinate my character for political expediency. Unfortunately in a democratic society the accuser doesn’t need to proof their allegations but the accused must proof their innocence. I take my work and my commitment to serve so serious that it’s clear it’s becoming a pain to my enemies something I have no control over,” said Lesufi on Sunday, rejecting the allegations.

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