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More Johnson and Johnson vaccines earmarked for educators arrive


The Department of Health announced on Friday that more Johnson and Johnson vaccine doses have arrived in the country. The department said these doses have been earmarked for educators across the country.

“The Department of Health has assured the education sector that there will be enough vaccine doses for everybody in the basic education sector as initially announced,” said DBE spokesperson Elijah Mhalnga.

Adding that on Wednesday, when the vaccination programme began, the Department of Health recorded that 49 776 educators and staff received the vaccines with another 55 444 getting inoculated on the second day.

The inoculation in the Western Cape province seems to be slightly delayed.

The province’s Head of Education Brent Walters said some educators should still be registered by their respective schools to receive the vaccine at a later stage.

No further details were given on when or how the process would go for educators who cannot be currently vaccinated. The provincial department only urged schools to still register educators and staff. 

According to the department of basic education, KwaZulu-Natal continues to lead with 32.1% of their target population vaccinated.

The national department said the Eastern Cape registered 21%, Free State at 21.9%, Mpumalanga recording 26% and North West with 22% teachers and staff.

The DBE said the Northern Cape recorded 12%, while Gauteng is at 11% as of Thursday.

The Department of Basic Education began with its vaccination drive on Wednesday. Teachers and non-teaching staff received their first jab of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

Since the beginning of the vaccination of educators across the country,  the department said105 000 people have been vaccinated.

Last week, 300 00 Johnson and Johnson vaccines arrived in the country and were earmarked for teachers and supporting staff from both the public and private sector.

Educators and staff who have tested positive for Covid-19 in the past 30 days and those who have been vaccinated using another vaccine and anyone who received a flu vaccine in the past 14 days will not be vaccinated.

The vaccination drive will take place until 8 July 2021 where 582 000 educators and supporting staff have been identified to receive the jab.

“We urge all educators and staff to follow the schedule in each district in order to ensure a smooth roll-out of the programme,” said Mhlanga.

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