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Learner Allegedly Assaulted By A Teacher At School, Department of Education Busy With Investigations

PARENTS are not happy about how things are handled at Manala Mgibe Primary School, Mpumalanga Province.

This comes after an incident that has occurred recently, where it was alleged that a teacher assaulted a nine-year-old boy, who is a learner at the school.

It is believed the boy was swearing in the class and the teacher enforced corporal punishment. The boy went home with a bruised lip and blood on his shirt.

The boy’s mother then went to the school to enquire about the incident, “but they kept on dragging their feet instead of telling me what has exactly happened,” the mother said.

The school called a parents’ meeting, but unfortunately, the teacher did not pitch to tell her side of the story.

Parents demanded that the teacher must be suspended with immediate effect because they believe that she has anger issues.

They also demanded that the principal must get the Mpumalanga Department of Education involved.

“We are tired of teachers who are bullying children at school, especially where they are supposed to be protected,” said one of the parents.

The mother of the boy said her son is scared to go to school.

WITBANK NEWS enquired about the incident from the Department of Education who in response said that they did send an official to the school on Friday, September 17 to conduct a preliminary investigation.

The official confirmed that a process to institute charges against the teacher who allegedly assaulted the learner has been initiated by the department. The department reiterates its position that corporal punishment is prohibited and anyone who is found using it to discipline learners will be guilty of violating the legal framework of the department.

  • * Witbank News
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