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Ballito Rage To Go Ahead With Vaccine Certificates And Rapid Tests, Despite New COVID Variant

THE Ballito Rage will still go on despite the discovery of a new Covid-19 variant which is believed to be the driving force behind a spike in cases in Gauteng.

The annual Ballito Rage is expected to take place between November 30 to December 5. 

Last year the NICD declared a cluster outbreak among young people who reportedly attended this event.

This year, there are strict protocols in place for matrics who want to attend they need to be fully vaccinated, shows a negative test result prior to arrival and agree to be tested twice during their stay.

There are widespread concerns about the new b.1.1529 variant detected in South Africa – with several countries like the UK and Germany banning flights.

The Health Department is concerned about an uptick in the COVID-19 infection rate largely among young people in Gauteng.

Organisers said they are relying on information, guidelines and mandates from the government and the national and local departments of health relating to Covid-19. Any changes that may be communicated or required will be effected as needed.

“Ballito Rage reiterates that is has all available Covid-19 safety precautions in place, well beyond those mandated by government and advised by our highly skilled Covid-19 team,” organisers said.

During his address to the nation on Sunday, President Cyril Ramaphosa said mass gatherings such as major conferences and meetings, especially those that require a large number of people to be in close contact over extended periods, should be changed to virtual formats.
“End-of-year parties and matric year-end raves as well as other celebrations should ideally be postponed, and every person should think twice before attending or organising a gathering,” said Ramaphosa.
“Where gatherings do take place, all the necessary COVID protocols must be closely observed. Every additional contact we have increases our risk of becoming infected or infecting someone else.”

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