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Three UK universities want Curro Serengeti Head Girl to study with them

MALUTA Netshipale, the 2020/2021 Curro Serengeti Head Girl has secured the attention not only of one international university, but three.

She’s been provisionally accepted to study Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology at the University of Nottingham, Psychological Sciences at the University of Liverpool and Biomedical Sciences at the University of Manchester.

This as what she wants to study is not offered by local universities at degree level and is highly specialised. That said, Maluta’s offers from local universities include those from the University of Cape Town, University of the Witwatersrand, University of Pretoria, and University of KwaZulu Natal in fields that relate to the biological sciences and medicine.

Maluta’s final choice of tertiary education provider comes down to her fascination with what makes us all human and how large a role the brain plays in our unique chemistry and make-up.

She says, “I want to understand what parts of us are inherent and what it is that we control. And from those parts that we control, how do we control them – through our brain or environmental factors?”

She is also reviewing the institutions with regards to the insight and information they provide about their courses as well as their accolades and campus lifestyle. Degrees at all institutions are three years long, although one of the universities provides the option to be placed within the industry for a year to research and write a report on her experiences and what she has gained from them.

Armed with her degree Maluta wants to practice as a cognitive therapist or cognitive behavioural therapist. She has a strong desire to help people with mental disorders and mental issues and wants to enable them, through therapy, to live fulfilling and enjoyable lives.

“My goal is to help people who struggle with their mental and emotional health by gaining a better understanding of what causes their challenges and how much of it can be altered. Mental health issues are rife all over the world. I want to help open up people’s minds to the idea of seeking psychiatric, therapeutical or medical help,” she says.

Applications to the UK universities began in May and she has just received news of her acceptance at all three. With her stellar marks ranging between 83% and 92% for her subjects of Afrikaans FAL, English HL, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Dramatic Arts and Life Orientation, it’s easy to understand her attractiveness as a future student to the international institutions.

“Maluta is not only a strong leader as Head Girl of our school, but she is also among the most academically gifted too. Her results for her Grade 12 third term were exceptional and we are so proud of her for attracting the interest of universities with such standing and reputation. Having worked consistently throughout her school years to achieve these results has paid off and we congratulate Maluta and thank her for flying our flag high,” comments Curro Serengeti’s Executive Head, Dr Sharitha Lalla.

Maluta will decide on a choice of university following the release of the Matric results, taking into consideration that the UK academic year starts in September 2022.

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