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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Israeli university professor suspected of selling drugs to students

A senior professor at a well-known university in the center of Israel was arrested on Sunday on charges of selling drugs to his students, Israel Police said in a statement.

Police officers in the central Israel city of Yavne conducted a covert investigation for several weeks into the conduct of the professor, a laboratory head in his 60s, before raiding his home and detaining the suspect on Sunday.

The professor will be brought before a court in Rishon Lezion on Monday, with police set to request an extension of his remand while they investigate the matter further.

Police said they found a range of substances suspected to be dangerous drugs, in addition to various methods to create them.

Police allege that the man produced drugs in his home and then sold them to his students at the university that employs him.

In a statement, Tel Aviv University told Walla that it “hopes that the alleged suspicions will turn out to be untrue. We mention that every person is innocent until proven guilty.”

Speaking to Walla, one student called the allegations “completely absurd,” stating that “it does not match the culture in the [dental] school,” which he described as “more military than the military” and where “everything is according to the book.”

“Right now we’re laughing, but we’ll soon understand the magnitude of the incident. If it’s true it will shake the faculty,” another student told the news site. “It sucks that this exploded precisely where we are learning.”

Times of Israel

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