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Sunday, April 11, 2021
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At least 124 school teachers dismissed over ‘sexual harassment’ in Mozambique – report

Staff Reporter The Mozambican government has reportedly sacked at least 164 school teachers over the last 12 months for various reasons, the main one being...

In Mozambique, classes come alive in local languages

AFP About 50 children sit on a bare classroom floor in front of their teacher in what could be any lesson in Mozambique, except that...

‘Stimela’ – a tale about apartheid’s migrant labour system

Andries Bezuidenhout What is the ultimate song to celebrate Workers’ Day? Many will suggest “The Internationale” which had its roots as a poem written in the aftermath...

No proof of birth, no education

Bongekile Macupe Sonia Sigauke was only 10 years old when she dropped out of school in Mozambique. After seven years at home, aged 17, Sigauke came...

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