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Ghana: Stakeholders and government must join hands to improve education

Lawrence Markwei

Stakeholders in education must join hands with government to determine Ghana’s priorities for education at this stage of the country’s development, Dr Emmanuel Adjei, Head of Department of Information Studies at the University of Ghana has said.

He said this was because the years ahead were vital to the future of education in the country since policies and programmes developed for the education sector have to be seen in the context of the country’s stage of development.

Dr Adjei said this when he presented a paper on the topic, “Mitigating the challenges to Education; The role of stakeholders,” as part of the events to mark the 95th anniversary of Accra High School.

He said as a nation, it was time to set educational goals adding that the choices made and their implementation should set the nation on the path towards competitiveness and innovation which could be relevant in the current global economy.

Dr Adjei said since the world was changing rapidly, there was the need for the country’s education to continue to fuel growth and prosperity in order to adapt to the changing world.

“To this end, we must invest heavily in education at all levels with the systems of education providing relevant skills for today’s market and the jobs for the future,” he said.

He said the axiom that the private sector was the engine of growth with the government acting as the driver should recognise education as the fuel that ran the engine.

Adjei said stakeholders in the education sector were many; therefore, there was the need for all of them to effectively play their role so that students would learn better and attain their potentials.

He said education must be seen as the life of a nation and the live wire of its various industries since it was the foundation of moral regeneration and survival of its people.    

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