Inside Education – Africa’s first digital education publication

Inside Education is a newly launched digital education publication. In South Africa and the rest of Africa, there is no online publication that is dedicated to the coverage of the whole education system. Inside Education initially launched in Botswana in 2017, and aims to cover the SADC region, gradually branching out into covering the rest of Africa.

Its content will be offered on multimedia platforms, with the emphasis on the importance of Early Child Development (ECD), which is the basis of a child’s educational journey. “Unicef research indicates that “what happens during the early years is of crucial importance for every child’s development. It is a period of great opportunity, but also of vulnerability to negative influences…. Ensuring the healthy cognitive, social and emotional development of young children merits the highest priority of every responsible government, organization, community, family and individual for the sake of raising healthy children worldwide. Reaching children in a holistic manner and incorporating health, nutrition, water and sanitation, education and interventions that support their full development is crucial.”

In this vein, Inside Education aims to carry resources for teachers in the ECD sector, as well as having a strong focus on maths and science at schools. Furthermore, it will focus on innovative teaching practices at schools and how teachers overcome challenges.

Other aspects including a focus on careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, which are part of a scarce skills set in Africa, while content will highlight the need for learners to enter the technical college sector, in the face of a desperate need for artisans.

The university sector will cover policy, access to education and what is being done to improve throughput rates and the pipeline for South Africa’s next generation of researchers, in the country’s quest to become a knowledge economy. Career guidance will also be provided for learners and university students.

The digital publication will contribute to education debates across the sector, with insight from learned scholars. Undoubtedly, education systems evolve with technological developments worldwide and the needs of people: they are the site for change while there is no place for strategic inertia.

The publication is being edited by Primarashni Gower, who has 20 years’ experience as an education journalist and a communications manager at two educational institutions. She has a fascination for education systems and has had the privilege of reporting on changes in the South African education system since 1995.

Private, Public, Academia and Civil Society organisations and institutions that are involved in education are invited to partner with Inside Education, in its mission to help boost the quality of education on the continent, thereby contributing to the establishment of strong economies, and a situation where Africans find solutions to their own problems.

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