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Willowmoore High School Principal, Lorna Sanders, Is Our Teacher Of The Week


Teacher of the Week

Teacher: Lorna Sanders

School: Willowmoore High School, Benoni, Gauteng

VETERAN educator Lorna Sanders remembers that all she ever wanted to be was a mathematics teacher.

A school principal at the Willowmoore High School in Benoni, Gauteng, Sanders was inspired by one of her mathematics educators who gave her the opportunity to assist her fellow students when he was busy with administration work.

Working with staff members and getting them to be excited about their teaching and their own learning is a great challenge for her.

However, she is able to get the staff to be a professional body.

She encourages her staff to get involved in up-skilling themselves using the latest trends in technology and in education.

She takes up challenges to try new methods in the classroom, attend conferences and networks.

In the same time she receives a lot of support from a very good team of staff who allow her to introduce new ideas.

She also ensures that her learners are involved in many activities and she will always go out of her to see that the learners receive the recognition that they deserve.

She also works closely with members of the community, School Governing Bodies (SGB) and the Education department.

She believes that no one will ever take away the empowerment that she has acquired by participating in the National Teachers Awards (NTA) from the district level to national level.

She will continue to continue the work that she is doing as it is a passion.

Sanders want everyone to be curious about the world and be excited about learning one small thing each day.

She would like to spend time up-skilling fellow educators in the use of technology in their classrooms as she is passionate about the way technology can assist educators without replacing educators.

She is determined to make learners aware of their surroundings and to become valuable members of society.

“I want the country to benefit from the learners that I am able to assist.”

(Compiled by Inside Education staff)

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