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Grade 10 learner from Limpopo school dies after bullying video goes viral


The Limpopo Department of Education is investigating the death of a grade 10 learner at Mbilwi Secondary School, in the Vhembe East education district, after a video of her being assaulted went viral. 

A video caused a stir on social media, where the girl is seen being slapped across her face multiple times     by a fellow learner. 

The incident took place on Monday. In the video, other learners can be heard in the background cheering the perpetrator, who is also a grade 10 female learner.

The department of education in Limpopo said it was alerted of the video on Tuesday morning. 

“It is quite disturbing to witness this level of violent behaviour among young people,” said Limpopo MEC for education Polly Boshielo.

The cause of death of the learner is not yet known and the department said it is investigating. 

“The victimized learner is reported to have since passed away, however the cause of the death is unknown,” said Boshielo. 

Boshielo said the department is waiting for a formal report on the cause of death from the relevant authorities. 

In order to aid learners who witnessed this and were affected, the department on Tuesday has sent support to the school. 

“The Limpopo department of education has appointed Learner Support Agents who are based in the 10 education districts across the province to offer emotional support to vulnerable learners,” said Boshielo. 

The MEC has strongly condemned such conduct at schools, adding that this behaviour will not be tolerated. 

“We strongly condemn such conduct that has turned our schools into horrendous havens of those who have no regards for their peers,” said Boshielo. 

Bullying is wrong and will never be tolerated in our schools, added Boshielo.

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