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University of Pretoria wins multiple awards at the South African Academy for Science and the Arts


The University of Pretoria (UP) flew its flag high at the South African Academy for Science and the Arts annual awards bagging eight awards in total.

The awards, also known as the Suid-Afrikaanse Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns (SAAWK), are a multidisciplinary organisation dedicated to promoting science, technology and the arts in Afrikaans.

One of the awards received was the Havenga Prize for Life Sciences awarded to an individual for original research. 

“This year, it was awarded to Professor Marion Meyer of the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences.

“His research in the field of pharmacology and toxicology has led to numerous patents,” said UP vice-chancellor Professor Tawana Kupe.

Kupe said Meyer was the first South African to apply metabolomics – the large-scale study of small molecules (commonly known as metabolites) within cells, biofluids, tissues or organisms – and published the first peer-reviewed article on it.

“Our mission at UP is to pursue excellence in our core functions of research, teaching and learning, and utilising that research to constantly improve our society and communities,” said Kupe. 

Another award, the Toon van den Heever Prize for Legal Science was granted to Emeritus Professor Johan Scott of the Faculty of Law. 

“As an expert in the field of South African private law, Prof Scott has produced 120 peer-reviewed publications over the course of his career. He is one of a few South African lawyers who can decipher the original sources of common law in Latin and Old Dutch,” said Kupe.

Kupe said as an editor, Scott contributed extensively to, and constructed and expanded on, the encyclopaedic work The Law in South Africa, which is currently one of the most important legal publications in South Africa.

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