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SIU uncovers PPE rot in the North West department of education


The Special Investigating Unit (SIU) has unmasked another Covid-19 rot in an education department. 

And this time it is the North West Department of Education where an SIU investigation has found that the department irregularly appointed a service provider but there is no proof that the service provider delivered. 

In a short statement on Monday, the SIU said that its investigation has revealed “that   [the] North West education department irregularly appointed service providers to supply 50 000 masks to the tune of R1.2m.”

Adding that it could not be determined whether the] masks were indeed delivered.

The SIU said it will kick start civil proceedings. 

The revelations come after the SIU uncovered irregularities in the Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) where the department paid R431 million to companies to decontaminate schools between June and August last year. 

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Last week, the SIU froze seven more bank accounts of companies that were irregularly appointed by the GDE to decontaminate schools. The value of the bank accounts was R22.4 million. 

Last month, it announced that it had been granted an order to freeze 14 bank accounts and assets to the value of R40.7 million belonging to 14 companies that were also irregularly appointed to do work in schools. 

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