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Sport: Gauteng Call-ups For Rand Park High School Learners

RAND Park High School has celebrated the recent achievements of their learner athletes following their call-up and performances at sports events outside of the school.

Three of the school’s learners recently featured in the South African National Equestrian Schools Associations Regional Finals (Sanesa) hosted at Kyalami Park Club. Erin Wainright, Tehya Kirtley Sayer and Kaitlyn Koevort faced off with the best riders as they represented Gauteng West. According to the school, many at the event were nervous as it was the first competition of its kind since the beginning of the Covid-19 lockdown, but their riders were able to put on an exceptional performance.

They were able to bring home six top-eight placings, with Kaitlyn winning the 70cm Equitation Class. Kaitlyn and Erin have been selected to represent the Gauteng Team at Sanesa Nationals to be held in early October. The school will also be represented at the upcoming South African inter-provincial netball championships which will be held in October. U18 wing defence Hannah Corry and U17 goalkeeper Tisani Mohajane will play for the Gauteng side.

The school wished the two well at the championships and said that their skills, commitment, agility, versatility and competitive spirit gave them the opportunity and that they have the potential to achieve much more at the tournament.

The school wished all those competing in October all the best and that they continue to fly the flag of the school high.

  • * Randburg Sun
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