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Sunday, April 18, 2021
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Land debate in South Africa is about dignity and equality – not the constitution

Steven Friedman If you want economic change in South Africa, create a crisis – then stand by to negotiate a way out of it. The country’s...

#Land: The struggle for liberation in Southern Africa, a lesson in history

Motapo We’Zigidi  It is time to blow off your gasket again, with the hope that we will not start doubting our identity. Today I tackle...

A book review: Astonishing the Gods by Ben Okri

Pfungwa wekwa Nyamukachi I got my 2-minutes of fame on national radio (SAfm). A first for me. I had been asked to contribute a book review...

Schools should teach more than ‘just getting a job’

Mduduzi Luthuli One of the main irritations with our current schooling system is its insistence on providing students the knowledge needed to acquire a job...

African mothers in science need more support

Bernard Slippers and Smeetha Singh There are a number of discussions to be had about women scientists in Africa: why there are so few, for instance; or how...

How to encourage literacy in young children (and beyond)

Louise Phillips and Pauline Harris How can parents best help their children with their schooling without actually doing it for them? This article is part of our...
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