Sadtu’s Dr Mugwena Maluleke Sadtu General praised for getting his PhD


Inside Education Reporter

The Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovation, Dr Blade Nzimande has congratulated the General Secretary of SADTU, Dr Mugwena Maluleke on attaining his PhD from Nelson Mandela University.

“As an educationalist, Dr Maluleke’s commitment to education sets a positive example for both the young people and workers of our country. His commitment to self-development underscores the importance of improving your knowledge levels as a leader in society. By attaining his PhD, Dr Maluleke is contributing to the drive to make educational achievement a norm in our communities,” the Minister said.

Most importantly, Nzimande said South Africa must increase the number of PhDs in society so that “we truly become the kind of knowledge society that will transform our society for the primary benefit of the workers and the poor, with innovation at the centre of our developmental trajectory”.

“It is my hope that Dr Maluleke’s personal milestone will inspire more of our young people and workers to follow in his footsteps,” he said.


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